Amazing Faith Women's Summit

Amazing Faith Women's Summit

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Amazing Faith Summit

May 5-6, 2023, Join us for an unforgettable experience as we engage in topics on
"Love, Health, and Wealth" to encourage all of our participants to be

"Faithful, Fruitful, and Fabulous"


2-Day Summit - Friday & Saturday $149 (Full Access to everything, includes Speakers, Fashion Show, Luncheon, Swag bag and more) 

Friday Agenda    

 5:30pm  Meet & Greet/Appetizers 

 7:00pm  Poolside Fashion Show & Networking


Women's Luncheon - May 6th

1-Day Summit - Saturday $75 (includes Speakers, Luncheon, Swag bag and more)

Saturday's Agenda

The Drury Hotel

11049 West Broad St, Glen Allen, Virginia

10:30am - Doors open

11:30am - 12:15 Lunch

12:15 -3:30pm Speakers 

3:30pm -  4:30pm Networking, Book signings, and Pictures


Love, Health, and Wealth are our Foundation topics at this year's Women's Summit, we plan to surround you with successful women who really care about your success which is the mission of this conference.

Our Founder and CEO of The Amazing Faith Foundation is very passionate able helping people with life skill for success so they can live wise and well!

 Beverly Claiborne mission and purpose is to inspire and encourage women and families with live skills for success so they can live in alignment with their God given giftings.

You will leave wiser after hearing our "Wise Wisdom Panel of Women", Business tips on branding, and the benefits of "Jesus Journaling". Yes, you will be leaving empowered to put power in your purpose. You will also meet our dynamic women individually during our delicious Women's Luncheon.

Meet Our Powerful Speakers & Topics:


  *   Author & Founder Beverly Claiborne - Walking in Alignment with Your Assignment

  *   Marcella Williams - Leaving a Legacy- Behavioral Financial Advisor

  *   Dr. Lisa K McCoy - Living Healthy

  *   Pastor Bridget Goines - The importance of Sharing your Story

  *   Sharon Davis - Loving your Neighbors

  *   Dr. Tasha Dickerson - Self-Care

  *   Dr. Michelle Boone-Thornton - Mental Health Management

  *   CEO Holly Byrd Miller - Brand Strategies for Brands

You will also meet our dynamic speakers while you have fun at the Meet & Greet Networking Fashion Show from Beverly Claiborne Christian Product Line and designs from Judith Gaffney, CEO of Culture Trees Designs, Friday night. We are also very excited about the "Wise Wisdom Panel of Women in Business" after Saturday's delicious Women's Luncheon.

The Luncheon will consist of dynamic speakers and networking. The Amazing Faith Women Speakers will also have a book signing where you can speak face to face with any additional questions or purchase from them. We are confident that this event will be a turning point in your journey as you gain wisdom from all of our speakers.